Thursday, November 16, 2006

Austin Birthday Bash

Oh my God! What a fucking weekend! I had the time of my life. I must recommend to all of you that if you don't live in Texas, you need to at least come and visit us.

Zelda had apparently been planning a weekend trip to Austin for quite some time to celebrate my birthday. She was attempting to make it a surprise but the excitement was too much for her to hold in. That, plus I was the one who needed to drive. The last time we went to Austin, we were evacuating for Hurricane Rita.

What is there to say about this past weekend? If you ever make it to Austin, you MUST meet both Trashman & his wife Jen as well as Jack. tCj and Big Ed were also there. If you ever make it to Dallas, you've got to hang out with them. Then, go eat at the Broken Spoke. Make sure you either order a BBQ plate or the chicken fried steak. Oh, and don't forget a shit load of beer.

It was just like the last time we escaped to Austin. We laughed all night long. We talked for hours. Only this time, we ate scorpion and/or cricket lollipops. Jack brought them which I think is a sign of his subconscious "frustrations". I think I'm getting old because for some reason, I thought a tent revival may have been in the workings. Then again, I've heard what they do to birthday boys. I don't know if it's true but since Jack was with us, I was scared that he would break out his gimp mask and anal paraphrenalia.

Seriously though. Thanks Jack for the Goose and for taking the time to hang out with us, drink beer, and make passes at my wife.

Thanks Trash and Jen for the stipper card, wine,, and endless hours of politically incorrect entertainment. You've got to post the plane story.

Thanks tCj and Big Ed for driving all the way from Dallas and for the after party porn fest. Sorry I passed out. Come to think about it, why was my ass so sore?

Lastly, thank you to my lovely Zelda. One minute in the hot tub with you was worth the 3 hour drive. That, plus tearing off your clothes.