Sunday, September 30, 2007

It Burns!

Working on my 3rd week of not shaving. I am getting poked. Not just brushed. I mean, POKED!

Do you want to know why most Asians shave? It's because our facial hair is so fucking coarse that they can be used as weapons. I went to give Zelda a kiss and stabbed her lips. She's putting pressure on the bloody wound right now but apparently, her masochistic side likes it.

When I smile, when I frown, when I make ANY kind of facial expression, I stab myself. I feel like getting botox injections just to get a break.

Zelda's making me promise not to shave until we return to Houston to surprise our friends.

I found our camera, but the batteries are dead. I'll go to the local store within the next couple of days just for your amusement.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fu Man Chu

Or however the hell you spell it. I haven't shaved in a week. Zelda wants me to grow out my facial hair. I tried it once a long time ago. It just didn't look right. Then, it started to itch. Now, my woman wants to see what I look like with it. Since she's the only one I'm trying to impress, I'll give it another try.

I can just see it now, I'm going to have this Fu Man Chu, dressed up in traditional Asian clothing, and giving Kung fu lessons while stroking the facial hair and laughing while my students get the shit beat out of each other. Okay, that was pretty funny. Oh well, give me a couple of drinks and I'll consider taking a few pictures of it and posting it....maybe.

Just understand that most Asians do not grow facial hair as quickly as some of you sasquatch white boys. I mean that with the utmost of love for my white brothers. I don't have chest hair which you will probably mock, but I also don't have back hair, which you probably envy....maybe...deep down.....inside....somewhere. God I crack myself up.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bring It On!

We have had our first two weeks at the clinic. I've never worked for myself before. It's an overwhelming feeling. I no longer have to clear my decisions with anyone else.

One of my more memorable patients my first week injured her neck. At first, she told me that she fell. When I questioned her a little more as to how she fell, she admitted that it she didn't exactly fall. She told me that she had a shot glass on her forhead and did a shot of something without using her hands. I think she also said it involved her knees and a flip of some sort.

I have no idea how this was accomplished so I told her that after I fix her problem, she was going to have to show me how she did it. I was joking of course, but then I thought. Actually, I would really like to see that.

I have some down time right now. My next patient will be here any minute. I'm having a ball. There's still a lot of work to do but everything is looking so promising.

Okay, I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know I'm alive and that things are starting to really pan out. I'll post more updates whenever I get more down time.