Friday, April 08, 2005

Someone answered what?

In our Emergency Procedures midterm, the professor Dr. K told us that we need to properly communicate that we understand concepts on the test. There was no multiple choice, no True/False. It's all short answer. That way, you can't just memorize lines. You must show that you understand what to do in an emergency.

In several of the classes, Dr. K mentioned that he displays some of the more "dumb" answers on the screen with the names withheld. This way, we can all point and laugh at the answers without anyone knowing who wrote what.

We got the tests back recently and some of the answers in my class were obviously wrong, but they were reasonable. He showed us some of the previous answers from other classes. They were incredible. I couldn't believe that people are going to graduate and call themselves doctors and give answers like what I saw.

However, the last example of "dumb" answers shown was by far the most eye catching answer Dr. K has ever seen in a class. He told us that he read it, did a double take, handed it to his wife to read. She read it and asked, "Is this for real?"

The question on the test was:
"What is the proper procedure for an amputated body part?"

The correct answer is:
Wrap the body part in a plastic or ziplock bag and place that bag in a container of ice and water. Then, get the patient and the body part to the hospital.

What did someone in my ever so smooth class answer?:
"Wrap that SHIT in ice and get it to the hospital fast."