Monday, March 21, 2005

I hope it was worth it.

This weekend, I went to pick up Zelda's sister to help watch the kids while I was taking those ball crushing Board exams. Zelda's family lives on a Ranch in a small town east of Houston. The roads there have no street lights to light up the roads. So, I have to drive quite frequently with the high beams on.

As we left the Ranch, we eventually got onto the highway to get home. Again, this stretch of road has no street lights. So, I flipped on my high beams to see anything and everything in the periphery....especially deer that tend to cross these roads. The speed limit on this stretch of freeway is 60 mph. I was traveling about 70 mph. I eventually came up on a slower moving car. I had been driving with my high beams on for quite awhile. When I came up on this guy/girl, I eventually realized that my high beams were still on. So, I turned it down. The car was pissed that I forgot to turn down my high beams so they slowed down till he/she was right next to me then sped up. I, however, maintained the same speed. This driver eventually slowed down enough for me to catch up to them. As soon as I was right next to them, they speed up again and shot right past us.

At this point, I was thinking about the gun that I keep in the car. I know, some of you don't approve. But I'd rather be prepared and be wrong rather than be unprepared and be right. But, you guys know how I feel about this issue. Anyways, this driver slowed down again as we approached a prison area. Again, they slowed down until I caught up to them. Then, they slammed on the gas shot by us again.

Again, I watched as they played this cat and mouse game with me. Only this time, since we were close to a prison area, I checked my rear view mirror. Out of darkness I saw a set of headlights pull out from the side of the road. Then, it came up real fast. That's when I knew. "Cop. He's going to get that bastard." As he passed by, I saw the symbol of the Texas State Troopers.

Not 50 feet ahead of me, the red and blue lights turned on and the car was pulled onto the shoulder of the road. State Trooper got 'em.

That poor guy/girl probably realized that Zelda and I were laughing our asses off the rest of the way home at them.