Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Slight Anniversary Setback

Some of you know that I was sick over the weekend. So, our anniversary was mostly spent relaxing at home. I had an uncontrollable fever around 103. I tried to bring it down with 2 advils (200 mg. each). An hour later, nothing. My head was still pounding. I could feel my head pulse with each heart beat extending behind my ear to the back of my jaw. My throat felt as if someone had taken a cheese grater to it and then poured tobasco sauce on it. I waited 2 hours and took 3 advils instead. Still, nothing. I waited 3 hours and tried 4 advils. This is equivalent to 800 mg., which I believe is starting prescription strength. Still nothing! Since ibuprofen is toxic to the GI tract, especially the stomach, I decided to wait a full day and try Tylenol.

That night was miserable. I couldn't sleep. I had to put on extra blankets. I know I kept Zelda up as well. At about 4:00 am the next morning, I couldn't take it anymore. I went ahead and took the 4 Tylenols (2 grams of acetominophen). After an hour, I started to feel the wonderful sensation of sweat on my head fall across my face. Yep, my fever started to break a little. Not five minutes later did my headache calm down. Aaaahhhh! a little better. I started to have hope that Zelda and I would be able to do something for our anniversary on Sunday. Unfortunately, after 2-3 hours, the everything came back. That night, we had promised friends that we would make it to their birthday party. After taking a nice hot shower, my fever broke again. So, I decided that I would try and make it to the party with the possibility that we may have to cut out early.

We got to the party, Zelda ordered a long island iced tea. I had coffee. We saw friends we haven't seen in quite awhile. Not 15 minutes after arriving did I start to feel the chill. Another 15 minutes later, the headache. Zelda has having so much fun that I didn't want to ruin it for her. I had to publicly spoon with her in an attempt to warm myself up. I started heaving. Thank god I was right next to the trash can. I held out for a couple more hours just for her. Eventually, everyone asked me if I was okay because I was more quiet than normal. I told them I was sick. They felt my forehead and knew I was running a high fever. I told everyone I was going to hold out for as long as possible since it was our friends birthday. Finally, everyone decided that I had had enough. We went home. That's when I got online and published my post for Zelda on our anniversary.

Anniversary day involved me in bed under several blankets. The only thing we did that day was to go eat Dim Sum. Again, I took a hot shower first so that the fever would break for a couple of hours. Afterwards, crawled right back into bed waiting to go to the doctor's office on Monday.

That was the weekend, everyone. Zelda has been very understanding and extremely helpful. Rest assured, I will make it up to her because she deserves it.