Saturday, February 26, 2005

Chick Flix

I'm lying here in bed on a Saturday morning with my laptop on top of me. Zelda is watching some movie that doesn't interest me in the slightest. She told me it's Sense and Sensibility. Never heard of it. It's boring me to death so I brought out my laptop to warm my jewels. That's at least a little more entertaining. I don't mean to insult Zelda's movie preferences. They're just what she likes. I don't force her to watch some of the things that I like to watch. The trip to rent movies can be quite entertaining.

Z: "I want to watch Garden State."

J: "What the fuck is that?"

Z: "It's about....nevermind, you wouldn't be interested."

J: "What about Aliens vs. Predator?"

Z: "That movie will NOT set foot in my house."

J: "Okay, what else?"

Z: "What about La Divorce? It's got Kate Hudson in it."

J: "Does she get naked?"

Z: "I don't think so."

J: "No."

Z: "Well, what do you suggest?"

J: "I don't care as long as it either has sex, explosions, comedy, or fighting."

Z: "What about Kill Bill?"

J: "OK, yeah."

Usually, we rent 3 movies. The first one is the one that we both agree on. The second is something she's been wanting to see, but knows it's something I wouldn't. The third is mine.

I have often been asked about my taste in movies. People, especially women, have asked me why guys can't sit through "chick flix". My reasoning is because movies provide an escape from day to day life. For me, I like to escape from the whole character A is in love with character B who happens to be engaged to Character C who is cheating on character B with character D....and so on and so on. I like to imagine off the wall scenarios. I like to escape from reality and enjoy such movies. Explosions? What can I say, I love fireworks. Action? I love unlikely situations where CIA agents, spies, whatever are carrying out special missions only to find themselves being betrayed. I like to give my brain some rest and just let it enjoy visual and auditory stimulation.

Sometimes, I'll sit and watch one of Zelda's movies with her just to be next to her. She'll do the same with me. We're separate people, but we'll tolerate 2 hours of torture just to be with each other.