Monday, February 14, 2005

Reverse Discrimination

Back in high school, I played basketball for the school. I was the starting small forward. I was the only Asian kid in the entire district. But, I wasn't half bad. I used to use other's people's misconceptions get the best of them. I remember I got the ball right behind the 3-point line. The guys in front of me smiled and taunted me saying, "Shoot it! Go ahead and shoot it!" Even my coach was screaming at me, "Shoot it!" So, I looked right at the bucket, bent my knees, and faked the hell out of the 2 guys right in front of me. The flew right by me trying to block what they thought was a shot. I drove right between them and made an easy layup for 2 points. My coach who was screaming at me at first said, "Good move! Good move!"

One day, after watching "White Men Can't Jump" I decided to give it a try. I got dressed up in my dorkiest pair of shorts and t-shirt and went to the local basketball court for a little fun. Needless to say, while picking teams, I was chosen last. When the game started, no one could believe that they were getting beaten by such a dorky looking kid. All of the other guys there were wearing their Air Jordans, and expensive Jerseys. My team never lost. It was funny to watch people judge me based on how I looked and dressed.

I miss those days. I'm so out of shape now, I couldn't last 2 minutes on the court. I need some motivation. I think I'll teach the game to my girls. That'll be fun.