Thursday, January 27, 2005

This Great Land

I know this country isn't perfect, but it's the best we've got. I know some people wish it to be a little more socialistic in it's leanings, but that would benefit only those who favor such governments. I believe that the reason some people say, "USA - love it or leave it." is because so much of the world is already socialistic in its leaning. We, those who appreciate less of a socialistic approach, wish to preserve our way of life. We appreciate less government involvement. We love our independence. Where will we go if this country becomes Socialist? I thought diversity was a good thing. Where is the tolerance for our system of government? Actually, diversity is not what made this country great. Opportunity made it great. I don't see much opportunity under a more socialist government.

We are the world's only superpower. We did not become that way by becoming more socialistic. We did it because with our form of government, people have incentive to succeed. We work more hours because we can see our goals more attainable than if we were heavily taxed, like in Socialist countries.

Some of you may wonder why I'm such a war hawk. It's simple. When someone intentionally TARGETS civilians, I believe anyone who has the power has the moral obligation to help. In other words, if I'm walking down the street, with my sidearm and I see someone mugging a woman for her purse. I feel it necessary to step in to protect her. Call it chivalry or whatever. I just feel that the powerful should protect the innocent. Is that wrong?