Saturday, December 25, 2004


I can't believe it! It's snowing in Houston!

I woke up this morning to what Zelda calls "Snow flurries". The last time it snowed in Houston to where the snow did not melt upon impact on the ground was about 20 years ago. So, I'm not too keen on the snow terminology. Anyways, I woke up and was excited to see "snow flurries".

Yeah, I know...You can't see anything. But for us, it was quite exciting. We don't see this kind of stuff ever. Anyways, Zelda's family wanted to meet up at church around 6:00. Now, you all know that I'm Buddhist. Honestly, going to Church service does not bother me. It's quite educational to see how others use various teachings to shape their lives. As long as they live a good life, I don't care what religion they are. While in Church, I glanced over at the window. Wow! It was really snowing. More than I have ever seen in my life. Half an hour goes by and it doesn't let up. Whoa! There may actually be snow on the ground. Wouldn't it be cool if we could actually have a "White Christmas"?! When we got out of the service and walked outside, I couldn't believe it. There it was! It looked like someone dumped salt on everything. SNOW!

I was speechless. I automatically let my natural animalistic instincts kicked in. I ran up to where there was a fresh coat of snow, scooped it up with my hands, packed it into a small ball, and propelled it right at Zelda. It caught her right in the back of her coat and exploded into tiny snow chunks! It was so great! My instincts went out of control. Everywhere I could find snow, my hands gathered up as much snow as I could and molded the perfect projectile weapon. A snowball! I flung those snowballs at anything with legs. I couldn't control it.

Finally, the cold snap hit me and I decided to get everyone into the car. I got Gwendolyn into her place and strapped in her seatbelt. Then, I quickly jumped into my side of the car. Zelda got Emma into her car seat and buckled her in. She then opened her door and sat down, buckled in her seatbelt. The next thing I remembered was an ice cold glove right in my face. Snow chunks fell right into my lap. She got me back in her own car. The one place I thought I'd be safe. I didn't think she'd risk getting the inside of her own car wet. I guess vengeance is too great a temptation (Mental note taken for future references). For you ladies and guys who have seen snow before, we probably got equivalent to about 2 centimeters of snow. Don't laugh. It's much more than most of us have ever seen before.

Ciao for now and Merry Christmas!