Sunday, December 19, 2004


As most of you know, I took Zelda and the kids to Austin this weekend. We had an incredible time. I partied hard and paid for it the next morning and the morning after that too.

We had a slow start. Earlier in the day, Zelda told me that we could leave anytime especially since we were going to skip afternoon activities. Around 4:00, she told me that we had to be there by 7:00. I had no idea that we had to be there at a certain time. So, the argument ensued. Once in the car, We had to sit through 45 minutes of traffic just to get 6 miles. After that, it was mostly quiet night time scenery of Texas Flatlands. That seemed to calm us both down a little.

The first night out, one of Zelda's sister, Winnie, took us out for a night on the town while another one of her sisters watched our kids. The one who took us out used to work at a bar on 6th street. Zelda looked absolutely gorgeous as usual. She managed to draw quite a bit of attention with her low cut top. As we walked down the street, I saw 5 guys in different cars passing by jump at the window to get a closer look at her. One guy walked past us and exclaimed to his friend, "God Damn!" Of course Zelda was oblivious to all of this. As for me, I enjoy rubbing it in to others that she's all mine.

We started at an Irish pub called BD Riley's. Zelda eventually got a little drunk and went back to the apartment. I offered to go with her, but she insisted that I go have some fun with her sister. Well, I thought to myself that last time, we were in New York. I had to stay with the kids while she went out. So, why not? It's my turn. Winnie took me to a place called Cuba Libre. She met up with an old friend there who hooked us up with free drinks. Apparently, they were really known for their Mojitos (sp?) These drinks were damn good! Other friends of Winnie came in and I was introduced to them. One was a cute Asian girl who developed quite an interest in me. She wouldn't stop rubbing my dick. Just kidding. Actually, she wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to get in 2 words. She was still nice though. Anyways, the mojitos set in and we decided it was time to leave. When I got home, Zelda was still drunk. She saw me come in and jumped right on me, unzipped my pants and gave me the best blow job. That night, I was THE KING!

When the kids woke us up the next morning, I was still drunk! Zelda had already reached her hangover stage. Not me, I closed my eyes (big mistake) and asked Zelda to grab the trashcan for me. I dry heaved for a few minutes then drank some water to rehydrate myself. That water only put something in my stomach for me to vomit. So, back up it went. After my brief regurgitation session, I felt a little better. Still drunk, but a little better. So, I started my hangover cure. I took a hot shower, drank lots of water, and left for breakfast. We met up with a group of pro democracy, pro freedom advocates. After breakfast, we were told to follow the group to play paintball. They told us to follow the red Ford Mustang. Unfortunately, I only heard Mustang. So, I followed a Mustang....a blue Mustang. I must've followed the wrong car for about 3 miles before I decided to call the group to double check directions. After realizing that we had been following the wrong car, they gave us directions to the paintball field. When I got there, the group had already been given their rental equiptment. I had played lots of paintball years ago and had my own equiptment. Once I got my stuff set up, we played.

Looking back, I should've held back a little because most of these people had played at most once or twice in their lifetime. I eliminated player after player after player. In a few of the games, I was eliminated early, but for the most part, I took out most of the other team throughout the day. Zelda wanted to play, but has a problem with getting hit. So, she sat by the bonfire on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and relaxed with the kids. I've got some nice bruises where I got hit, but I had a blast.

Later that evening, we went out for more of Austin's nightlife. Due to lack of money and killer hangovers, we decided to keep any drinking at a minimum. That was actually a very good idea had we actually kept it. Yep, we failed. I think Zelda had about 5 long island iced teas. I had about 7 or 8. When we got back, we passed out. Next morning, we dragged out of bed to make the 2 and a half hour drive back to Houston.

We didn't get to meet with Trashman and Jack. I was disappointed, but we will have more chances in the future. Austin's not too far of a drive when you're in the mood for a Road trip. I'd like to take pictures for everyone to see, but since Jack is an undercover, we won't. As for Trash, he's probably in a witness protection program of some sort, so unless he's cool with pictures, probably not. We will, however, have stories to tell. Next time guys! Next time!