Monday, November 15, 2004

Why Chiropractic?

Fleece asked me a question that I actually have been asked quite a bit. She asked, "...why I should go visit a chiropractor? I've heard that you can never go back to NOT seeing one after a few initial sessions."

Let me just state that this is a very common perception of the way chiropractors are perceived. It's not always true

Chiropractic is a conservative (Nothing to do with politics) method of medical care. We are educated to become experts of the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. Our main focus is on biomechanics and optimization of joint motion as well as maintaining health. We believe that we should consider less invasive procedures first before actually cutting into the human body or providing drugs. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that surgery and medications are necessary. I just believe we should try other methods first. That being said, why do people believe that you can never NOT go back? For some people it's true. These people choose not to have surgery and get functioning back as long as they continue to see their chiropractor. For others, whenever a joint becomes misaligned, it may produce symptoms that only require only one visit to correct. Any true doctor will tell you that everything depends on you. You may need many visits or only one visit your whole lifetime.

We are just like any other doctor. We can order tests (blood, x-ray, CT, MRI, etc.), interpret, and diagnose using radiographic films, physical exams, orthopedic exams, and lab studies. One more thing I do notice is that people, doctors included, are beginning to see the importance of nutritional supplementation to various activities including the drugs they're taking. For example, let's just use antibiotics. People who are constantly on antibiotics may destroy their normal flora (normal bacteria that reside within you). It is the normal flora that gives us up to 50% of our required vitamin K. If you are deficient in vitamin K, your blood doesn't clot as easily. So, you may find that you bruise easily. So, for those who take lots of antibiotics, it may be a good idea to supplement with vitamin K. However, there are toxic effects if you supplement too much. So, you must be careful with that as well.

So to answer your question, Fleece, you are going to a chiropractor because he or she is a specialist in biomechanics (very good for sports) and maintenance of health. People go because they want to try a less invasive method first before going under the knife. They also go because our nutritional education teaches us how various medications affect the body and how we can advise patients to assist some of the additional effects. Of course all this should be in direct communication with your traditional allopathic doctor. You see, I believe that chiropractors should work together with traditional allopaths. We have specialities that they don't. Likewise, they have specialties that we don't.