Friday, October 22, 2004

Let's Pick a Fight!

Okay folks, my first week of midterms is over. The multiple "all nighters" have worn down my body and I am now sick. But you know what? I don't care! It's one week I don't have to worry about anymore. So, I've been killing the various bugs that are invading my body with lots of rum. Yep, it's a celebration. Oh, and I passed part II of the National Board exams. I wasn't supposed to take it yet, but because of my GPA, I and a few of my friends were allowed to take it early.

So, now that I'm a "little" buzzed, I'm going to tell you all how I feel about Mr. John Kerry and why I hate him. Time to light some fires baby!

Warning: The following will most likely offend liberals. My purpose is actually to make you know what you call ARTISTIC...,but if you are still offended, I don't give a shit.

I find it funny how the liberals of this country are talking about voting for anyone but Bush. You see, I have the same argument...except I say anyone but Kerry. Let's just start with war. Some of the peace activists out there have no comprehension of reality. War is sometimes a necessity. Don't believe me? Ask the survivors of the holocaust. Hell, ask my family who were tortured and murdered when the United States pulled out of Vietnam. Not everyone was able to leave. Even though most of the major battles were won, the US pulled out. Why? Because of social and political pressure. That's right. The "peace" movement thought they were doing us all one big favor. Those racists (yes I said racists!) didn't think we were human enough to help. We were being supplied by the US while the North was being supplied by the Soviets and the Chinese.

So there you have it. Who I blame for my family's torture and murder. The "peace" activists...hippies and all. Fuck all of your pseudo-intellectual "peace" bilge. The tripe that you spill only reveals you as what the rest of the world views those of this great country. Spoiled American Brats. You're the reason the rest of the world hates us. You know why they support you now? It's so that when you're in power, and kill our defenses, they can take over, and run your sorry ass into a reeducation camp. And, to think that you believe that you have it so bad under this president. You don't have a clue.

That's what brings me down to Mr. John Kerry. His post Vietnam actions contributed to America's lack of will to continue to support us and to assist us in fighting for our country. Hence, came the US pullout. So,'s rather personal to my family and me. "But Jethro, that was over 30 years ago!" Oh yeah, sure..."Hey kid, my actions contributed to the torture and death of your uncles, aunts, and cousins, but hey that was 30 years ago."
Nice try!

"Oh, but Jethro, at least he's an intellectual and can speak properly unlike this president." WHAT THE FUCK DO I CARE IF HE CAN SPEAK BETTER! What the fuck does that have to do with defending the country? His voting record PROVES that he can't defend it! France and Germany already said that no matter what happens with the elections, they're not going to help. What's your fucking plan now Kerry? That's the alliance you were talking about. They're not going to help us...much less you!

"Jethro, how can you be conservative if you're a minority?" I'll tell you why. It's because conservatives have minorities' best interest at heart. Nowadays, being a conservative means that you are responsible for YOURSELF! This means that you work hard and smart to go where you WANT to. You don't go where you want to because you're black, hispanic, asian, etc. You get there because you worked for it! You see people, you don't GET shit, you EARN shit.

These are just a few things that some on the far left have not even considered. My family lost one country thanks to the actions of people like John Kerry and Jane Fonda...We don't want to lose this one too.