Saturday, October 16, 2004


My friend Benton and I were taking one of our friends, Jennifer, out for her birthday to our local collegiate watering hole. It wasn't too crowded this night we went. We played pool, threw some darts, and drank lots of beer. Jennifer got up and ordered some more drinks at the bar. Some old gay guy asked her about Benton and me. He asked if we were gay.

She said, "Oh No sir. You don't see those girls they're with?"
He said, "I was just hoping...they're so hot."

When Jennifer got back to the pool table, she was laughing and told us about what just happened. Every time either me or Benton had to walk past this guy to pee, he would make crude remarks loud enough for us to hear. So, eventually, we decided to fuck with him (no not sick people).

We walked over to him and said, "Excuse me, but every time one of us walks past you, you make these really crude remarks loud enough for us and everyone to hear. We don't really appreciate that especially since..." we threw our hands over each other's shoulder and finished with, "...we're together."
He then leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "Can I be the meat in your sandwich?"
DAMN! Backfired! Fuck that was gross!