Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Why the hell did I have to wake up this morning?

Monday, at about 4:30 pm central standard time, a bolt of lightning hit the main transformer at my school. Classes were then cancelled for the rest of the day. I got a phone call from a friend of mine who told me to keep an eye on the blackboard system to see if we're going to have classes the next day or not. Chances are, we weren't. Wooohooo! A break! Well, at about 11:00 last night, I checked the blackboard system and it said classes would resume as normal. They were going to use an industrial generator to provide power to all the buildings. Fuck! I had already made myself a few drinks in celebration. Oh well, just go to sleep and wake up early.

Alarm goes off, snooze button...alarm goes off again...snoooze again. Alarm goes off for the last time. I get up and check the internet. Blackboard system says classes resume as normal. Aw Fuck! Alright...I take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, wake up Gwendolyn to get ready for school and check the Blackboard system again. "Classes will resume as normal". Oh well, just thought I'd get lucky. So, I start my 50 minute commute to school. 8 minutes after I pull out of my driveway, I get a call from another friend of mine. "Hey, where are you?" I said, "Almost to the freeway."
"Turn around and go have breakfast. Classes don't start until 10 o'clock." I had just checked the blackboard system. Well, aparently they were a few minutes too late and found an old transformer with a leaky fuse. They were waiting on the power company to come and replace the fuse. Oh well, I wasn't too far from home. So, I turned around and headed back.

At 9:00, I called the school. "Are you guys still starting at 10:00?"
At 9:10, "Are you guys still starting at 10:00?"
"As of right now, yes. "
"Do you have power at the school?"
"We do at the administration building...I don't know about the classes."
"I don't want to have to drive an hour and pay for toll charges if I don't have to."
"I understand. But as far as Dr. Haslund (the dean) says, everything is still on for 10:00"

I left and made it to campus with 10 minutes to spare. People were standing outside. The lights to the main building were still off.
I asked, "What's going on?"
"Power is still off. We're waiting for the power company to come and install the new fuse to the new transformer. They promised to be here an hour ago."
"Aw shit...I knew it!"

At 10:00, Dr. Haslund speaks to the crowd, "We're going to be here for another 2 hours. Classes should resume at 12:00."
"Why don't you just call off classes?"
"We can't"

Fine. We all were hanging out by the cars and listening to CDs waiting for the power to come back on when....BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

I said to my friends, " Oh shit! I bet that was the second transformer."

Dr. Haslund walks over to the parking lot..."Classes are cancelled for today."
My friend, Nelson, said "Well, I'm going to go have me a beer lunch."