Saturday, September 18, 2004

Been busy

Sorry everyone! With Zelda and the kids sick as well as the first week of school starting up, I've been quite busy lately. I've started seeing patients in the student clinic. I'm extremely nervous yet excited at the same time.

Anyways, during a study break, I flipped on the TV to the National Geographic channel the other night and saw a show called Taboo. They were talking about various strange ....edibles...around the world. Somewhere in Africa, they ate bats. Not so bad. Then I saw a "unique eating club" in New York where they were trying tarantulas, roaches, etc. In South Korea, there were people who ate live octopus. One man died because the octopus's suckers attached itself to the man's mouth and he choked to death. Probably the most interesting "food" was something that native Alaskans eat.

I saw this woman catch and clean salmon. After the fillets were cut out, she took the guts and head and buried it. After it had been decomposing for 2 weeks, she dug it up and ate it.

The strangest thing I've ever eaten was calf brain taco. Before you make a bet, make sure you can actually carry it out if you lose.