Thursday, September 30, 2004


School has been pretty steady lately. Because of the time that I spend studying, Zelda and I haven't been able to enjoy our "marital perks" as much as usual. It's been a few days and we were both very horny. Last night, at about 11:00. Zelda came into the room and got undressed. We started messing around butt naked on the bed. Then it happened.

There was the sound of a hand grabbing the doorknob. I then saw time slow down around me as I heard the doorknob turn. Faster than lightening I pulled the blanket over us just as the door opened and our Gwendolyn came into the room to show us her work at school. I had pulled the blanket over us just in time. Here's our conversation while I'm at full "salute" under the blanket.

Me: "Gwendolyn! Go back to bed, pumpkin! It's way past your bed time!"

Gwendolyn: "But, look what I made for you at school today"

Me (quickly): "Aaawww. That's pretty sweetheart (it's dark and I can't see a thing). Now go back to bed. You've got school tomorrow."

Gwendolyn: "Okay. Good night. I love you."

Me: "I love you too"

Me: "You didn't lock the door?!"

Zelda (laughing): "I thought they were asleep."

Me: "I love you, you dumbass."