Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Speako Englisho?

Funny thing happened the other day. I'm trying to eat healthy foods like grilled salmon, salads, etc. Every once in awhile, I'll relapse and eat burgers, pizza, buffalo wings, fried chicken. I love fried chicken. When my mother first came to this country, she couldn't stand hamburgers, but she loved fried chicken.

I was in a KFC and I noticed an older Asian gentleman in another line. He approached the guy who was taking orders and had a confused look about him. The guy asked, "Can I help you sir?" This tiny man who obviously just came over to this country started flapping his arms up and down like a bird.

This confused the poor guy who was taking orders, and he asked with a little more aggression, "What do you want, man?" I felt so bad that I had to jump in. I knew this gentleman probably couldn't speak any English. I asked him if he was Vietnamese because Houston has a huge Asian community and I wanted to make sure he would understand me. He turned to me like I was his savior and said, "Oh my God, yes! Could you help me?" I asked him what he wanted. He said, "I was hungry and wanted some chicken but I only wanted wings." When I translated to the guy taking orders what the old man wanted, you could see him chuckle. I couldn't blame him. Imagine the sight of a little old Vietnamese guy flapping his arms up and down like a chicken because he wanted to order just wings.