Saturday, November 13, 2004

Entering the 30's

Well just 3 more days until I leave my wife. Just kidding. I'll actually be leaving my 20's. As I reflect back on the previous decade, I remember a decade full of parties, anxiety, new beginnings, and finally excitement for what is to become of the future.

The happiest moments of the last decade was my wedding (Now that was a party! Over 300 people, 9 course meals at every table, live band, enough Remy VSOP cognac to last the whole night!). In addition to that night, was the birth of my daughters (Holding them for the first time made me realize that I was no longer living my life for myself). The partying never stopped. I just learned to enjoy it more.

Some of the moments that gave me the most anxiety also involved the birth of my daughters. I felt sympathy for Zelda. I really did. She was vomitting for 9 straight months. Any scents in the air would send her into a vomitting fit. She also lost her mind a bit. She cried and screamed at me when I came home from work and cooked something for myself because I was hungry from not eating ALL DAY. She asked if I was trying to kill her by cooking pork chops. Crazy no? Imagine 9 months of shit like that. But, I'm a man. I don't walk away from any challenge that life throws at me. And, in the end, I got my family, my own house, and my future.

So, good bye 20's. I've learned quite a bit. Good moments, bad moments...At least I got the memories. I look forward to watching my girls grow up. I look forward to many more challenges to having sex with my wife without the kids actually discovering us. I look forward to graduating Chiropractic school, practicing, and helping people. I look forward to the challenges that life is going to throw at me. And finally, I look forward to leaving a legacy that my kids can be proud of.

Holy shit! I sound like an old man already!