Saturday, November 06, 2004


I used to work in an optical. I was both an optician and a lab technician. I learned quite a bit about lenses, frames, contact lenses. One of the perks of working in a place like that was the benefits. I got some of the nicest frames, lenses, and sunglasses at cost plus an employee discount. One of my favorite pair of sunglasses that I still have today are a pair of Giorgio Armani's. They retailed at around $200. For me, I was offered them at a price of $60. I know it's still alot to pay for a pair of sunglasses, but when you've actually been taught optics, you really take notice of better optics that some of the more expensive things possess. Not all more expensive products were of better quality though. So, you really had to know your stuff.

I was out with Zelda last night and I was looking at her glasses. The pair that I got for her. The frames alone retailed for $400. The lenses were another $300. The coatings on those lenses were another $90. Of course, I paid no where near that total. I think I ended paying only about $150 for the whole thing. I looked at her and I told her:

J: "You know, you are a lucky woman. You know how much those glasses would've cost you normally?"
Z: "Yeah, I know babe. The other day, I was looking at my boobs and I thought, you're a lucky guy. You know how much these would've cost you normally?"
J: "Touche babe...touche."