Friday, November 19, 2004


Sorry for being lazy about blogging everyone. I had several tests this week in my 4 most difficult classes. Yeah, I know. I suck at priorities. Anyways, onto my story.

Not much can distract me from sex. Zelda has a way of catching my attention from whatever I'm doing to fulfilling my "marital duties." I could be in the middle of doing something quite important like studying for an exam the next day, and all she would have to do is come into the room, lock the door, and get naked. Actually, all she has to do is come into the room.

Today, I had 2 tests. One in Orthopedics and the other in Clinical Lab Diagnosis. I studied all night and still have not slept. I had worse conditions. A few months ago, I had 4 tests in one day. However, despite those conditions, when Zelda came into the room, I would throw my books and notes on the floor and do the deed. After my post-coital coma, I would get up and continue studying.

Last night Zelda came into the room and flashed me a very seductive look. For some reason, I just wasn't in the mood. WHAT!?! I'm never NOT in the mood! I thought maybe it was because we got some earlier in the day. But, then I realized. No, that session only wetted our appetites. Maybe the 30's have actually gotten to me. I felt so depressed. Then, I realized. It was none of that. I looked at my Clinical Lab Diagnosis notes and realized that I was reading details on fecal studies. That's right! I was reading about color, shapes, pH, and odor of real SHIT! Needless to say, once the notes were put away, NO PROBLEM. I may be a pervert, but even I have my limits.