Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Greatest Trilogy Ever

First of all Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This morning has been absolutely fabulous. I have so many projects and so many things to worry about, but today, I'm not worrying about it. Life's too short to spend stressed out each and everyday.

I was awoken this morning by a horny Zelda. We all know that men have a natural capacity for being quite "at attention" in the morning. Actually, if a man doesn't have morning erection for a few days, please go see a doctor. It might be something not so serious, but it could also be something extremely serious. So, don't take the chance. Anyways, this morning Zelda brushed up against me to see that I was at "full staff". What can you say? If you've got it, use it! So, that was a nice way to start off the morning.

Since I've been flooded with all kinds of work at school, I decided that I wasn't going to do shit today, except watch movies and possibly fish at my in-law's pond. I popped in Lord of the Rings into the DVD player. We bought the extended versions. I have to say that this trilogy has to be the best I've ever seen. I had a lot of fun watching the shortened versions in the theaters with Zelda. We went on the first day each of them were released. All of the die hard Lord of the Rings fans went on the first day. It was quite fun to watch not only the movie itself, but to also watch the crowd's reaction.

Warning: If you haven't seen Return of the King and you don't want to know the end, stop reading now:

In the last one, Return of the King, I can remember the end when each of the characters walked into the room to see Frodo. You saw Merry and Peregrin. Then, Gimli the dwarf came in. The, Legolas the elf. At this point, all of the girls in the theater screamed like school girls. Then, Aragorn...again, another scream, but not as loudly. Then, Sam the other Hobbit came in. Here, all the guys cheered in a way to mock the girls sitting next to them. It was great! When Aragorn was being crowned and looked right into Legolas's eyes, one guy screamed "Oh yeeeth!" with as severe a lisp as could be. The whole audience cracked up. Again, it was great!

I don't know when the extended version of Return of the King comes out, but you can bet that I'll be the first in line to buy it.

Alright, back to my movie and fishing later.