Monday, February 07, 2005

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is America's biggest sports event. Every year, we try to enjoy it with friends and family. We always have a big BBQ with lots of beer or whatever else you can find to drink. The game itself is always fun to watch especially when you know who in the room has actually made a huge financial wager on the game. You can always see them lose their cool, regain it, then lose it again.

People often talk about the commericals during the Superbowl. Every year, I do the same. This year, my vote for the best commercial goes to the Anheuser Busch and "Applause". Check it out: (You'll have to select your bandwidth)

This commercial reminded me of last year's Superbowl in Houston. Of course we couldn't get tickets to the game. So, Zelda and I met up with friends to our old college watering hole called Griff's. At the beginning of the game, the national anthem was sung. On the huge projection screen, you could see Beyonce Knowles singing while various scenery around the stadium being shown. Then, you could see a set of Apache helicopters hovering over the stadium. That's when you could hear it. Everyone got so loud. We were cheering and applauding the mere sight of our military. I think it surprised a lot of people especially those from the North. I spoke to a few people from the New England area and I don't think they quite realized just how much pride Texans take in our country, military, and way of life.

To our men and women in uniform, be careful and stay safe. Your home is waiting for your safe return. However, we understand that you have a job to complete. When you do come home, hold your head high. Your work is strongly appreciated. Don't listen to our media. They do not voice our true feelings. They have lost touch with mainstream America who are extremely proud of you.