Sunday, March 13, 2005

Taking a Break

Instead of ripping out my hair from studying for Board exams, I'll just blog about what happened yesterday. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Houston. The sun was shining, there was hardly a cloud in the sky, and there was a constant breeze blowing. I took my study materials out to my in-law's ranch where I proceeded to study (not much) and fish. I have a set up where I can stick the pole in the ground and put a bell on the pole so that I know when there's a fish on the end. I call it "lazyman fishing". Anyways, I ended up catching 3 nice sized catfish yesterday. The in-laws requested that we bring them by today and have a small fish fry. No problem.

Afterwards, Zelda and I met up with the PW group for their counter protest next weekend. I can't go to that one either because next weekend is the weekend of Board exams. I'm a bit worried about her. After last time, I almost lost my cool and wanted to bypass Zelda's wishes. Still, it's what she wants. It's what she feels is our side's strongest argument. She wants to send video footage of the "party of peace" and how peaceful they really are all around the internet. The video footage is already there. It just needs to be organized. Still, she wants to pursue more. I worry for her. God help me if the police should apprehend someone who assaults her. All I need is a name and address. I'm so nervous about her going. But, I can't stop her. It's what she wants. I'd feel so much more comfortable if I was there with her. At least there would be something I could do. It's what she wants, it's what she wants. I have to keep telling myself this. How am I supposed to keep my cool when I know there will be a bunch of hypocrits at these events? People who protest for peace but don't exercise it themselves. I feel like I'm watching the Civil Rights movement where people are exercising their right to free speech and are violently assaulted for voicing their opinions. This time, the ones assaulting are the ones who want "peace." Ironic?