Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Using It To His Advantage

My sister told me that made me laugh the other day.

My sister dated a Vietnamese guy named Mark. One night, Mark and a few of his friends went out bar hopping. They were walking along the the street as they passed another group of guys who happened to be white. Of course they physically bumped into each other. Instead of the typical, "Oh Sorry man!" What you heard was, "Watch where the fuck you're going!"

The two groups squared off taunting each other. The biggest guy in that group stepped forward. Then, one of Mark's friends pushed him right in front. The big guy said, "Whatcha got?" Mark was thinking to himself, "Oh great!" However, what Mark did was he started jumping around, making wild hand gestures, and taunting the guy just like Bruce Lee does in the movies "Waaaa! Come on! Let's go! Waaaa!" The next words out of the big guy was, "HEY! I don't want to fight."

The 2 groups go about their ways and Mark whispers to his friends, "Dodged a bullet with that one."