Monday, March 09, 2009

An Anniversary in Vegas: Day 1

Wow, what a weekend. Let me just add that I had the best 4 days of my life this past week. I'll have to do this in several installments to get everything in. Several months ago, I was trying to decide what we should do for our 10 year anniversary. I eventually booked us a hotel in New Orleans. Zelda loves New Orleans. For me, I love the partying and the eating. So, when I told Zelda that I got a hotel booked for New Orleans, she asked me if I was merely doing this for her or for us. She said that I was always wanting to do things for her. And, she wanted to do something that I wanted to do for a change. I told her that I enjoy going to New Orleans. She then suggested something we've never done before. I asked, "Like what?" She answered, "I don't know. Vegas or something." Then I thought, "oooohhhh. I've always wanted to see Las Vegas." So I looked up the internet and found a good deal for hotels and flights. When asked for hotel preference, I typed in "Bellagio". It was the only name of a hotel that I've ever heard of in Vegas. I think a patient told me about it. I also heard the name in movies. Turns out, the Bellagio is a pretty posh place. Still, I got a hell of a deal for it.

So, we left New Town and drove back into Houston to drop off our kids with our friend, Jen. We had it arranged where the kids would get to have a couple sleepover nights. Then, they would be with my family to make things easier for picking them up. We got to Jen's house after midnight. We slept maybe a couple of hours before leaving for the airport at 4:00 in the morning. We flew to Phoenix for an hour layover before flying to Vegas. We got to Vegas around 9:00 in the morning. We picked up our luggage and headed for the shuttle buses. Then we got to the Bellagio. Typically, check in doesn't occur until 3:00. We were starving so we asked the concierge if they wouldn't mind watching our stuff so we could get something to eat. The concierge said that we could just go and check in. If there are rooms available, there is no wait. Sweeeetttt!!!! So, we checked in at 10:00 in the morning. We then called Christina LMT to tell her we had arrived, but that we really needed to grab something to eat. We decided that if we were that hungry, we should do the buffet.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we called Christina back. We had originally told her that we planned on getting a couple of massages. Since we was a massage therapist, we'd throw her a little business. She insisted REPEATEDLY that there was no charge since we were there for our 10 year anniversary. It was a gift from her. She picked us up at the front of the hotel. Then, she drove us up and down the strip. There is nothing quite the sight of the Las Vegas strip. I was just in awe. Christina then took us to the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign where Zelda and I had our picture taken with my iphone.

Afterwards, Christina gave us each massages. I require more deep tissue as opposed to Zelda who likes more the Swedish massage. If any of you ever make it to Vegas, I would HIGHLY recommend you look up Christina and have her give you a massage. It is exactly what we needed. We also got to meet Christina's daughter, Silver. Zelda was absolutely mesmerized because she was a mirror image of Zelda at her age. We chatted up such a storm while we were there. It was as though we had known them our entire lives. When we were done, we invited them to dinner. They took us to a nice little restaurant called the Black Bear. Again, we chatted the whole night away.

When dinner was done, I picked up the tab because it was the least I could do since Christina made my neck and shoulder feel nicely loose again. Oh, and eventhough she told us the massages were a gift, I figured we'd still leave her a tip in a way that she couldn't refuse. We hid it in her microwave and refused to tell her about it until we were out of her car and she couldn't bring us back to her place to give it back. She drove us back up and down the strip again. This time, the sun was down and the lights were up. It was quite a sight.

We were dropped back to the hotel. We only had 1 hour of sleep before arriving in Vegas. So, we said we would take a short 2 hour nap then we would wake up and WALK the strip. Christina did a really good job with the massage because TWELVE hours later, we woke up.

Day 2 to be continued.....

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from inside the Bellagio:

These were numerous multi-colored glass umbrellas hanging from the ceiling in the lobby.

The ceiling down one of the wings of the Bellagio

Zelda inside the Bellagio next to a huge vase drinking a nice "special" cup of coffee. (Bourbon infused coffee)

Zelda has more pictures of the incredible botanical garden inside the Bellagio. I'll let her post those pictures.