Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More memories of Me, Carlos, and Mason

Carlos, Mason, and I used to get slobbering drunk and play games on the playstation when we should've been in classes. Somehow, I still managed to pass all my undergraduate courses. Not with the grades that I wanted, but I passed. We would have a Mortal Kombat tournament on the Playstation 2 when it was brand new and gulp beer after beer after beer. We once made a game where the loser had to drink a shot of whatever we had. If a fatality was performed, the loser had to take another shot. What made it really fast was when we turned on the special options and turned on the one hit kill option. Basically one hit and your dead. Whoa, those were some killer hangovers.

In their second year, Mason and Carlos ended up roommates. Mason ended up missing 2 weeks straight of classes because he was playing Resident Evil. Mason's girlfriend (now wife) is extremely homophobic. One day, they decided to play a joke on her. Carlos unbottoned his pants and undid his zipper. Mason went into the bathroom and put toothpaste on the side of his lips. They sat in bed and when Mason's girlfriend walked into the room, Carlos jumped out of the bed and said, "Thanks, man!" and zipped up his pants. Mason sat up and looked right at his girlfriend with the toothpaste on the side of his mouth in full view. "EEEEeeeeewwwwwww!" Mason's girlfriend ran right out of the room. I've seen freshwater eels dropped into hot water squirm less than she did. Everyone laughed their asses off.

And lastly, I have to thank Trashman for this awesome rendition of Southpark Jethro: