Monday, May 23, 2005

Crime Stopper Chiro

One of my friends/fellow intern at the clinic managed to spoil a thief's attempt the other night. Jeff is also president of the Shooters Club and have won several marksmen competitions.

About a year ago, his wife's car alarm went off late into the night. He grabbed the keys thinking it was a cat or something that set off the alarm. As he approached the car, he saw some guy ripping out the stereo. He yelled, "Hey!" and the guy took off on foot. Jeff took off after him. He chased him to a wall where the guy knew that if he attempted to climb over it, Jeff would be able to grab his head and shove it right into the wall. So, instead of climbing it, he turned around and faced Jeff holding a knife. Jeff decided that he would get on his cell phone and call the police. The guy then took off. That was a year ago.

A few nights ago, another car alarm was going off. Jeff remembered what happened the previous year. So, this time, he grabbed his .357 snubby. He walked outside of his apartment complex. In his neighbor's car, he saw a strange person with a yellow drill trying to steal the car. Jeff tapped on the window and shouted, "Hey! What are you doing in there?" This startled the guy and he jumped out. He reached into his shirt, but Jeff already had his hand on his gun. So, Jeff had the barrel of his .357 pointed right at the guy before he could pull whatever was in his shirt out. Jeff screamed for him to stop. The guy responded that he had a gun too. Jeff yelled at him, "If you pull it, you're dead!" The guy didn't move. His hand was still in his shirt. Jeff yelled again, "Don't pull it! Don't you pull it!" Again, Jeff called for the Police on his cell phone. The guy actually had the balls to take off running. Jeff understands the way the law works. So, he just let the guy run and filed a report with the police complete with a detailed description.