Tuesday, June 28, 2005

For Fleece - Hooters Story

For your first year in college, most people take the basic requirements to get them out of the way. English is, of course, one of those classes. In my first English class, we were instructed to do something fun and write a restaurant review. A few of us got together and decided that since there was a new Hooters that was just built right off the Southwest Freeway and Kirby that we would have some fun and go there to do our review.

We got dressed up in business casual clothes and brought our notebooks and pens with us. I swear, that was the best service I had ever had in my entire life. The poor waitress (who was the most gorgeous one there) was so nervous because she didn't know who we were. Everytime I wiped my hands with a paper towel and set it down, the paper towel was removed and a fresh one was placed right in front of me. The waitress would try and lean in and read what I had written in my notebook. She kept telling her manager that every movement she made, we would start writing in our notebooks.

Eventually, the manager came by and carefully said, "Okay guys, fess up. Who are you." He was smiling the entire time as if joking with us in case we were someone who could shut them down. We laughed and told him that we were just doing a restaurant review for English class and that we were just a bunch of college guys. He laughed right back and said that the waitress was really scared of us. He also said that there were people picketting their presence since they were new to the area. We called our waitress back to the table and told her who we were and that she was giving us great service. Her previous cautionary smile turned into a smile of relief then into the traditional flirtatious smile that Hooters is so famous for. We left her a good tip. Afterall, that was without a doubt the best service I've ever had. I should walk into restaurants with a notebook and start taking notes more often.