Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What are you lookin' at?

My first year at chiropractic school was extremely difficult. We had one professor who earned the title Dr. Evil. He taught Histology and Gross Anatomy. His tests were never straight forward. Gross Anatomy was difficult but extremely interesting. I'll never forget perspective students walking into the lab while we were working on our cadavers. Actually, we were using saws to cut the heads in half.

For the Gross Anatomy Lab tests, the cadavers were lined up in 4 rows and 5 columns. They were placed in weird positions with pins stuck to various parts. Questions were then asked about each body part that had a pin stuck to it. You were allowed about 1 minute at each station. You could see everyone zigzag through the room as time was called moving to the next station. And of course, you were expected to keep your eyes off of other people's answers. As I moved past one station, I noticed one of my classmates looking where he shouldn't have been. I stared at him in amazement because he was quite obviously looking across his station to the station right in front of his. Then, I realized what he was looking at. One of the more attractive female students in my class was wearing a low cut shirt. She was leaning over. After he got a nice amount of eye candy, he looked up and saw that I was staring at him and laughing silently with my head shaking. His face turned red and he laughed right back. He knew he was busted looking for a nice rack instead of cheating for answers.