Sunday, July 30, 2006

Little Lefty Stalker

Well folks, we have it confirmed. We apparently have a little leftist stalker out in the blog world. If you've read the comments from the previous post, you'll find that I got an anonymous poster. I cross linked a few things and got confirmation that it's this little guy who calls himself Paul.

Actually, he goes by several different identities as I've found out. Apparently, "Alfred Sietz" is an identity. So is "Jeferson". He also goes by "." and "anonymous".

Back when I used to blog more frequently, I got into a verbal confrontation with this stalker over at Blonde Sagacity. It was great because he was suggesting that Zelda was a racist. Once I got into it with him, I got him to admit that he himself is a racist.

Now, I'm just too busy to get involved with another throw down with someone who needs to be admitted into the psych ward. So, Zelda tells me about all the fun she has hammering this guy. I've read a few of her entries and laughed my ass off.

Paul, your attempt to mask yourself in anonymity is pathetic. Extremely pathetic.