Friday, May 12, 2006

She's a man eater

I've noticed something very peculiar about working with female doctors. They seem to attract some of the weirdest female patients. I was working today going between the exam/treatment rooms and trying to take care of as many patients as I could so that no one has to wait for a long time. I walked into this one room and this woman just shot me this look of complete disgust. I noticed it, but decided to be cordial anyways because I am a professional now and I (teeth grinding) fucking have to. It's not that bad, actually. I like helping and educating people. Besides, 99% of the people I meet are more than happy to have a free second opinion.

What I dislike are hating lesbians. Regular lesbians, I don't mind.
They're regular folks just like me. They give others a chance before they judge them, just like me. They like to eat pussy, just like me. Man hating lesbians are as bad as racists.

Anyway, I walked into the room and introduced myself. I went over her records and read the subjective part of her complaint. Now, when one of the assistants takes a subjective, I like to repeat it so that I can verify with the patient what was written in order to assure the utmost accuracy about the patient's complaint. I repeated the basics of her complaint and asked if that was right. She paused before barking a "yes." Obviously, my HELP was not appreciated. Just then, I heard the other doctor mention that she was going to check to see if the room that contained the traction unit was available. We happened to be in that room. So, I opened the door and the other doctor was standing there. I flashed her the, "Get me the hell out of here" look. She saw it and asked if I could hook up the other patient to the traction machine while she dealt with the bitch I was TRYING TO HELP.

Now, I understand that people will have preferences. Some people will only go to one hair stylist because they know that that one hair stylist knows what they want. All you have to do is ask for that person. If another hair stylist comes up to you and calls you up, you would at least have the courtesy to POLITELY ask the hair stylist for the one you prefer, right? No harm done. I understand that.

Afterwards, the other doctor and I were talking about that patient. I told her about how I used to work with other female doctors and I learned how to avoid man hating lesbians. Again, regular lesbians were no problem. I get along with regular lesbians. Hell, I used to have a crush on a girl who turned out to be a lesbian. Still do. Just kidding. But, that's another story.

I just don't get the whole man hating lesbian bit. It's just the same as the whole white man is the devil bit (granted some are) or the whole blacks are lazy criminals bit (granted some are). I didn't do anything to this bitch. Why automatically give me an attitude? I mean, we have another lesbian patient who POLITELY asked me for the female doctor because she felt more comfortable with another female. NO PROBLEM! I can completely understand that. So to man hating lesbians everywhere, chill out and go eat a pie (and I'm not talking apple or blueberry...I'm talking cherry.) There, I'm done ranting.