Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lost Dog

After having to put our last dog to sleep, my dad got my sister another dog that looked very close to the one we had before. This new dog was a small chihuahua named Ginger. Anyways, the girls really loved playing with Ginger because she was unlike most chihuahuas in that her temperament was very easy going.

The other day, Ginger got out. We put up signs around the neighborhood with no luck. My sister even offered a $500 reward. My Brother-in-law got a new puppy today to help cheer her up on her birthday.

The girls were called over to see, play with, and help name the new puppy.

Sister: "OK girls, what do you want to name the puppy?"

Gwennie: "I want Tucker."

Emma: "I like Lucky."

My Dad (in his very thick Vietnamese accent): "How about ... BAR B QUE!"