Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sometimes, they're true

I was watching this clip of comedian Carlos Mencia and laughed my ass off. His skit went something like:

"(Pretending to talk to himself as somebody else). No Carlos, that's not it. The school system is corrupt. (Answering) No. If the school system is corrupt, then why is it that Asians kick our asses in that same school system. You want me to tell you why? No lie. Parents! To the rest of the world, it's 'Charlie, today is the first day of school Charlie. You go and do the best you can, Charlie. The best you can. That's all we ask of you.'
'Today eees da first day of schooool. De most eeemportant day of your rife. If you bring home report caaawwwd wit one B, I KILL YOU.'"

Want to know why that is so funny to me? It's because my parents actually said that...In Vietnamese, but they still said it.