Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gwendolyn's first Basketball Victory!

Several months ago, Zelda wanted to enroll Gwennie into a basketball league. I didn't completely support this idea because Gwennie wasn't strong enough to shoot the ball into the goal, which is lowered from the regulation 10 feet down to 8 feet.

Their first coach left the league soon after the teams were picked. Her team was screwed. I would've volunteered to coach them, but I was finishing up my last semester at chiro school. There was just no way I could've done that. They've been losing all of their games. It was a shame because Gwennie actually has the best player in the league on her team. The rest of her team just needed a lot of improvement on the basics of the game.

After graduation, I had some time to actually help them with their practices. They only practice once a week. So, I've worked with them for 4 practices total. I'm really impressed with how fast they've learned what I taught them. Now, one of my talents is to take complicated things and break them down into simple steps. Today, I saw them start to come together as a team. They started to pass the ball. They were making their shots. They blocked so many shots. They just beat the best team in the league. The worst team in the league just beat the best team in the league with a final score of 24 to 18. I was so proud.