Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Merry Christmas to all

Sorry for all the late Christmas well wishes, but if you've read Zelda's site, you'd know that the drama in our lives fully erupted Christmas Eve. As soon as everything happened, I figured I'd be the one to calm everyone's nerves down and take care of the situation myself. I took Zelda's mom to go after her stepdad. You see, it didn't matter what my opinion of their situation was. It didn't matter whether I thought they should stay together or divorce. Zelda's mother had to make up her own mind. She's the one that had to live with the decision she makes. Therefore, all we can do is to support her in her decision. Whether or not we liked her decision, we had to let her make the decision herself. So, after listening to her crying on the phone asking to know where her husband had gone, I picked up the phone and talked to Zelda's stepdad. I said to him that we should all go out, sit down, have a drink, and relax. He said that he needed to drive around for a little bit and would meet up with us after he calmed down.

So, I took Zelda's mom out to a local pub here. I swear, alcohol in moderation can do wonders for nerves. Zelda's mom and I hashed out a lot of what was going on. I reminded her that the situation was still new. Zelda's sisters were thinking with their hearts not with their minds. When Zelda's stepdad showed up, he apologized to me for the scene on my front lawn. We headed back and after everyone left, Zelda and I stayed up to get presents from Santa to our girls out and place them underneath the Christmas tree. Zelda was a little upset about everything, but I assured her that everything was going to be fine. No matter what, we still had each other and the girls. That was all that mattered. I told her to imagine the look on the girls' faces when they would wake up and see their presents and Santa's thank you letter to them in the morning. She smiled. Now, y'all have seen how sexy Zelda's smile is. I got so horny. But, I figured it was probably a bad night to try for it so I didn't.

The next morning, Zelda came into their room to wake them up. She brought in her guitar and started singing Christmas songs to wake them up. It wasn't working. I knew what to do. I walked in and said to them, "Gwennie, Emma guess what? Santa came last night and he left some presents." That worked. They got up and came out to see everyone sitting by the tree taping the expression on their face when they saw all of the presents under the tree. It was a great morning. Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh and by the way, I PASSED the last of my Board exams! Woo Hoo! Now, comes the task of applying for my license.