Thursday, November 17, 2005

Global Warming? Read the whole post first.

Alright, let me first start off by saying that this is first and foremost my THEORY. Anyone who wants to challenge me better have facts on their side.

Since childhood, I've been hearing about global warming and how mankind is responsible for this event through pollution. I will first start off by saying that I think the global warming argument is a crock of shit. Let me explain. I do in fact believe that there is a warming trend that is occuring to the earth. However, I do not believe that man caused it.

When we look through the layers of the earth, we find that the earth goes through warming and cooling cycles over millions of years. Next, with one volcanic eruption, more "greenhouse gases" are released than since man first started walking the earth. The hole in the ozone in Antarctica has sealed up. There aren't any factories in the Antarctic. So, why was there a hole in the first place.

Now comes my theory. I was sitting through chemistry class one day and took notice of the model of the atom. You know from basic science that the atom is made of a proton and neutron nucleus and surrounded by an electron cloud. It kind of reminded me of our orbital system. Now, the atomic model states that the electron cloud is everchanging. The electrons do not follow a set path. The uncertainty principle states that you can never know when or where the electron particle will be. It's an everchanging in a cycle. So, let's consider the same possibility for us. If we orbit the sun and make minute changes through time, what's to say that we don't come closer to the sun during some of the summer months as opposed to other summer months. Think about it, a few miles closer to the sun and we're going to notice temperature differences. Light a match and bring your finger closer to the the flame. See how it gets warmer? Who's to say that we're not in a phase where we continually get closer to the sun? Then, over the next thousand or so years, we'll balance it back by drifting farther. Thereby experiencing another ice age. Look again back to the layers of the earth. There's proof saying that this planet undergoes such a cycle. Coincidence? I don't know. But, it sure makes more sense than what I'm hearing with the current theory.

Does this mean that I support more pollution? Of course not. I think pollution is harming us physiologically. I've seen too many x-rays of silicosis, asbestosis, etc. to know that there has to be some correlation between sickness and pollution. However, to say that the earth is going to burn up because of us is a little stretching.

I know that all of my teachers have always taught us about carbon dioxide trapping the energy of the sun and all, but I've also been taught that you should also verify everything you're taught. To me, I just see more validity in my theory than what I'm currently hearing. There's such a craze now about global warming especially with Know-it-all celebrities that I just want the average person to think differently and not follow everything you hear. Scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers are all human. They can be wrong. So can I. I don't doubt that my theory could be wrong. But, I'm hoping someone could help prove or disprove it.