Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Recovery Time

Well, I took a look around the house and the only damage we sustained was the one piece of plywood that was ripped out of the window. We were extremely lucky.

While in Austin, we got to meet the one and only Trashman. If y'all love reading some of his shit, it doesn't compare to the stories we exchanged while eating the BEST BAR-B-QUE at the Broken Spoke. When the staff tells you that the BBQ came out real well that day, listen to them and order it. If you ever make a trip out to Austin, pay this place a visit. I'm telling you, you won't regret it.

I have to encourage anyone who has ties to a publisher to contact Trash to get some of his shit down in writing. We also got to meet Trash's beautiful wife, Jen, and his 2 sons. Trash filled us in on details that he may have left out in some of his posts. This made Jen, Zelda, and I laugh even harder. Actually, it made Jen do a double take before she busted out laughing. And, just like a good dad, when the subject was adult only, the kids were sent away with a few dollars in quarters to play games at the corner of the restaurant.

Unfortunately, we just found out that Jack sent us an email hoping to make it this past weekend. Sorry Jack. We'll make sure to give you more time next time so that you can make sure to get someone to cover for you. That would've made for one hell of a time. Sixth street will definitely be an option. Don't worry, we'll be back soon.

We stayed with Zelda's sister in her efficiency apartment. The poor girl didn't even have a proper shower head or a shower curtain. Because she let us stay with her, I fixed up her place a little bit. I fixed her "door" to her bedroom. It was actually a sliding screen that was off the track. I bought her a shower head, shower curtain, and rabbit ear antennas for her TV. She originally stuck in an earring to get a signal. We also got her some groceries. It's not much but at least we made her a little more comfortable, especially after the first night. I don't remember if I already told y'all but there are 3 situations where I snore even MORE loudly than normal. When I'm sick, drunk, or extremely tired. After the post that described our 12 hour drive with only half an hour of sleep, you can only imagine just how tired I was. Hence, the louder I snored. Yeah, send her some sympathy vibes.

Anyways, getting back to THE Trashman. We were worried that we might not be able to meet with him because we had such limited internet access to communicate with. When he called, we were ecstatic. We had such a great time just eating BBQ, drinking beer, and talking. We were talking for about 4 hours. It did NOT seem that long at all. Time really flies when you're in the company of good hearted people. These are folks who don't bullshit you. They speak from the heart and do it quite well. It's been awhile since I've laughed that hard. I'd like to fill y'all in on what we talked about, but only the one Trashman can do his own stories justice. Now, if only Jack could've been there too. Maybe I'll have to take him out to the paintball field and see what he's got. hint hint.

Now that I'm back, I finally got to take some time (after clearing all of the plywood and getting our house in order) to take a look at our emails and comments. I spoke to Magz because she left us her phone number. Let me just tell you that she is everything her blog describes herself to be. If you ever get a privilege to talk to her, just do it and you'll see what I mean. Magz, it was an absolute pleasure to speak with you.

We found out that my old roomie and his wife and son also evacuated to Austin. For safety reasons, we decided to return to Houston together last night. Before we left, we had the all you can eat sirloin steak at Texas Land and Cattle. Unfortunately, all they had left on the all you can eat sirloin steak was rare and well done. Fortunately, I don't mind rare steak. Zelda didn't used to like steak before she met me. She used to always order any kind of steak well done. Now, if you are a steak connoisseur, you'd know that the only kind of steak to order is medium rare or rare. That way, the restaurant is forced to give you the best possible cut of steak they have. If you order well done, the meat is going to get cooked anyways so why worry what kind of cut you get? However, if you order rare or medium rare, the restaurant has to be more picky with what they give you. Not only that, but the rare and medium rare orders make the steak more juicy instead of dry. When I introduced this to Zelda, she finally realized what steak was supposed to taste like. Damn! I'm making myself hungry. Anyways, this post is getting kinda long so I'll end it now. Thanks again everyone for all of your good vibes.