Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What the Hell?

I was overlooking a few news articles about my boys, The Astros. You all know how I feel about the media. Here's a few more things that have done more to ignite that hate.

Article #1

Article #2

Article #3

#1. I don't really care if the roof was opened or closed. I just think that the MLB needs to keep their fucking fingers out of our asses. Now, I want them to close the roof just on priciple.

#2. Nice of them to make a racial issue out of nothing.

#3. Same above. Who the fuck cares? I don't give a damn about race. If they want to play the race card, what about teams with no Asian players in the NBA? Why isn't that disturbing to them? I don't really care, but you can see my point. Fucking Hypocrits.

There are other things as well. These were just the few articles that I found in less than an 5 minutes.