Sunday, February 19, 2006

For the Record...

Recent debates online has prompted me to respond to numerous identical responses. As you know, several blog sites have been talking about the shit going on in the middle East with the cartoons about the prophet Mohammed.

Several times, I have come across ignorant people who state, "It's not all Islam." Well, no fucking shit! We all know it's not all of fucking Islam that's doing it. However, we do know and blatantly acknowledge that it's a good number of people that do it.

It appears that the people who make the statement "It's not all Islam" are so ignorant to believe that most people nowadays are so stupid to think that EVERY SINGLE follower of a particular belief accepts everything that the belief espouses. Apparently, they're "superior" in their beliefs because everyone else is dumb in assuming that every single person that is assigned a stereotype must fit the mold. But, that's okay because they're "open minded". Yet, they still assume that the rest of the free thinking world are morons when they criticize a particular group because we're so obviously criticizing everyone in that group. How these people can really and truly believe this nonsense only exposes how ignorant they really are. Yet, they are the ones that call others ignorant. Hello pot, meet kettle.

Attention Ignorant people, WE KNOW IT'S NOT ALL OF ISLAM. But, we are not stupid to denounce the fact that there is a significant number of those who do in fact riot causing death and destruction throughout the Middle East. We are not the ones who are distracting attention away from this vital subject. You, in a sense, excuse the behavior because you have more resentment against a misguided belief than the actual current situation.