Monday, January 30, 2006

Fashion Trends

I was asked to pick up Zelda's sister from school the other day. We were talking in the car and they told me that grills are really popular right now. I had no idea what a grill was so I asked what they were. Apparently, they're these mouth pieces that you fit over your teeth that are filled with diamonds, gold, etc. It sounds completely ridiculous to me. I can only imagine that they look even worse than their description. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Still, I couldn't help but to realize that something like that must cost a small fortune if it's laden with diamonds. So, I asked them if the kids in school were really that wealthy. Want to hear what they told me? You're going to love this. They're so popular, but the kids can't afford them. So, they take aluminum foil, bunch them up, and wrap them around their teeth.

Oh God! I'm laughing so hard it hurts. Now, I'm wondering. What have we done that was similar to that?