Thursday, March 16, 2006

License in hand and almost ready to go.

Sorry I haven't been around in the blog world. I swear I'm going to have a ton of catch up reading to do. It's been extremely hectic here. I finally got my license in this past Saturday and I've been researching malpractice insurances as well as trying to establish a professional association as well as seeking some form of employment to earn capital in order to pay for establishing that PA.

I left an interview yesterday where I had a nice offer and wants me to start right away. However, I went into another office to run some x-rays and the doctor there said she was "impressed with (my) competence". She wants to talk to me next Thursday. I got to make a decision soon. I'm looking up Texas's Workers Comp system to try and understand it if I decide to go with the guy that I interviewed with yesterday. Anyways, I gotta go take care of even more things to get set up. I may take a break and go fishing tonight just so I can clear my head and get Zelda's input. I'll see y'all around soon. Wish me luck!