Sunday, August 27, 2006

Damn That Boy Can Play and Play and Play

As a parent, let me just tell all of you who don't have kids that gifts that make irritating noises are not appreciated by parents.

Anyways when I was very young (about 3 years old), my uncle got me a muppets drum set. I played that thing every morning. I would drink a lot of water the night before just so I could wake up early on Saturday mornings and play it. I would remember my dad losing it a few times and would scream at me to stop playing. Saturdays were his days off and he could sleep in. I remember playing so hard one time that I punched a hole right through one of the drums. No biggie, I still had the bass, the cymbals, etc.

My dad saw a way out when he saw that I punched through one of the drums. I woke up one morning and saw that my drum set was placed outside to be thrown out with the trash. I thought that someone had made a mistake and proceeded to pull it back inside. I can only imagine my dad's bloodshot eyes opening as I started to play it again.