Friday, March 14, 2008

Sex Questions

I get all kinds of questions from patients. It's especially interesting when I get questions regarding sex. It's rather weird. Whenever I'm out of the office, I crack jokes and have fun with it. However when a patient asks me questions about sex, I don't think twice about it and answer any questions they may have.

Female Patient: "Doctor, can I have rough sex or will it hurt my back more?"

Me: "Define rough sex."

Female Patient: "What do you mean rough sex? You know.....rough sex."

Me: "Well, are you dominating or is he dominating? Not only that, but if you're dominating, what position are you doing that in? How hard is the repetitive penetration? How long is it going on for? In what way are you twisting your body? Describe it to me and I can tell you whether or not it will aggravate it."

Female Patient: "...............Alright, let's just say doggie style."

Me: "Doggie style is fine if you can maintain the correct posture. However, you also have to be careful as to how hard he is pulling you against him as well as how hard you're pushing yourself against him. So for now, let's just hold off on the rough stuff for a couple of weeks until I can get your intervertebral disc spaces opened up a little bit and maintained through conservative methods."

Female Patient: "But I really like it rough."

Me: "I understand that. But if you want to continue having rough sex without the pain, I need some time to get you better. Think about it this way, if you give me just a few weeks to help you, you can enjoy the rough stuff a lot more because you won't have the low back pain."

Female Patient: "Oh, alright."

I also had a male patient ask me questions. I'll post about that one in a few days.