Friday, January 25, 2008

A political Post

A friend of mine wanted me to do a political post about the primaries. So, I will oblige.

Ron Paul is completely unelectable. If he (by some miracle) wins the nomination, Hillary or Obama's win will give new definition to the word: landslide.

Huckabee - No.

Romney - No. He's also unelectable.

Guiliani - No. Y'all know how I feel about the second amendment.

McCain - Not my first pick, but I trust him to make good decisions in favor of our troops. His record is okay in regards to the 2nd amendment.

It's no secret that the man I agreed with most was Fred Thompson or Duncan Hunter. However, since Fred Thompson and Hunter dropped out, I will be voting for McCain. I don't agree with everything McCain has done, but he does uphold the issues that are most important to me. Some of the other issues, I can hold my nose. But, the most important issues are still there. Not only that, but he is only one of 2 people who has a chance at beating Hillary or Obama. And, I will NOT turn over the fate of my bro in Iraq to either of them.

That's what kind of gets me about people who say, "If a true conservative isn't going to win, then I'm not voting." Well, that's great for you to stand up for your principles. How about the basic principle of backing our troops? Do you really think our troops want Hillary or Obama to decide their fate?