Sunday, November 18, 2007

God Speed, my friend

Last night, we took our buddy Corin out to our old college bar for his deployment party. He'll be deployed to Iraq before the end of the month. As most of you know from reading Zelda's blog, it was also my birthday. I didn't want people to focus on me because this weekend was supposed to be about Corin. I asked Zelda not to mention anything about it while we were out. Wouldn't you know it, Corin was the first to speak up and say, "Happy Birthday."

We had an interesting night, especially Zelda who almost got into a fight with some drunk bitch. I'll let her tell y'all the story. I was quite proud of her. She verbally put that girl in her place.

Well, I have a birthday dinner tonight with the extended family. Thanks to Trashman, who called me up to say, "Happy Birthday."

Corin, stay safe and kick some ass. I'll see you Summer 2009 when you get back for a few nice cold ones.