Sunday, September 30, 2007

It Burns!

Working on my 3rd week of not shaving. I am getting poked. Not just brushed. I mean, POKED!

Do you want to know why most Asians shave? It's because our facial hair is so fucking coarse that they can be used as weapons. I went to give Zelda a kiss and stabbed her lips. She's putting pressure on the bloody wound right now but apparently, her masochistic side likes it.

When I smile, when I frown, when I make ANY kind of facial expression, I stab myself. I feel like getting botox injections just to get a break.

Zelda's making me promise not to shave until we return to Houston to surprise our friends.

I found our camera, but the batteries are dead. I'll go to the local store within the next couple of days just for your amusement.