Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An anniversary in Vegas: Day 2

So we slept 12 hours instead of 2. Well, we needed it. So this day would be it. This was the day that Zelda and I were married 10 years ago.

"Happy Anniversary," I said as I kissed her in the morning. We were so going to do this day up right. Zelda hopped into the shower as I called the concierge to see if there was anyway possible to get a reservation for a patio dinner that overlooks the Fountains of the Bellagio. They have a water show every 15 minutes in the evening. I told them it was our 10 year anniversary. They told m that they would see what they could do and would get with me to tell me whether or not they could do it.

After we got ready in the morning, we walked down to the little coffee shop in the Bellagio. We each got special coffee for around $10 each. By special, I mean that they put some high quality XO bourbon in it. Then, we found a few slot machines. Keep in mind that neither Zelda nor I are much gamblers at all. We were told before we left that the machines no longer take actual coins. So, I took out a dollar bill and put it into a slot machine. I told Zelda, "I guess now you pull the lever." We pulled the lever. Nothing happened. "I guess you have to push the buttons that are lit up." We pressed around. Then, the screen started spinning. "What the hell?" We put $2 more into the machine and pressed more buttons. Eventually, the spinning stopped. "I guess that's it." We can now say we've gambled in Vegas....$3.00 worth.

We decided that we should make the most out of the day. We went to Todd English's Olive because they have a patio. We ordered appetizers, lunch, and cocktails at 11:00 in the morning. Why not? We're in Vegas! Afterwards, we decided that we should get tickets for the monorail and pick up our tickets for the show that I bought on our anniversary. We decided that we should really see a showgirl show while we're in Vegas. I read a few reviews and decided on Fantasy at the Luxor. I checked out the prices online and the cheapest tickets were not very different from the best tickets. So, I decided to purchase front row tickets. I have to highly recommend this show for everyone (over 18 of course). It's far more modern. The women are super hot and their dancing was absolutely hypnotic.

We picked up our tickets early and bumped into people advertising a time share that was being built. They told us that they would sell us tickets to any show we wanted to see for $20 if we listened to their selling points for this new time share. Zelda and I talked it over and said that we had heard great things about another show called Zumanity. We've been talking about purchasing a time share for awhile now, because of the deal that her mom had gotten. However, we wanted to see the bottom line: The cost. We agreed to listen to the selling point. After 2 and a half hours, we got the bottom line. Holy Shit! Far more than what we were willing to spend. So, we thanked them and got our tickets. They did manage to get some vital information about time shares though. It's just another way for us to work the time share system to our favor. Once I get the clinic up and running on its own, we will be able to take more vacations. Not now though. So, we got our tickets and left.

We got back to the Bellagio and I realized that the concierge never called me back like they promised. I went to the concierge to ask what happened. If it's one thing I have to credit the Bellagio, they will fix any mistakes they make. They told me that none of the restaurants take reservations for patio seating, but since no one called me back, they will do what they could. Seconds later, the concierge told me, "They have one table at Olives for you and they will hold it for you, sir." Even though we had already eaten there for lunch, I had no problems going back. It was a great atmosphere plus the dinner menu was different. We got there and the table was ready for us. We sat down and a new water show was just starting. The song in the background was "Fly Me To the Moon." This song was sung to both Zelda and I by 2 of our friends, Corin and Tom, on our wedding night.....ah, memories....We got pictures while the fountains played.

I mean, look how close we were:

We started with Foie Gras as the appetizer. I ordered the Kobe beef while Zelda got their scallops. The water show went off every 15 minutes. Oh yeah, we did this up right.

After dinner, we went upstairs and got dressed for the show, Fantasy at the Luxor.

We sat in the front row when the curtains came up. The singer came out first. She walked into the crowd and would occasionally drop the microphone down to a member of the audience. No one would say anything. Then, she circled right back down to the front of Zelda and me. She ended her song and dropped the microphone to me. I figured, what the hell. I screamed into the microphone, "VEGAS, BABY!!!!!! Woooooo!!!!!!" She did it again. I screamed again, "We're going to Vegas, baby!!!!!!" I think I turned 3 shades of red. But, I didn't care. I was having fun. She then asked Zelda if she could borrow me. She pulled me up to the stage where she tried to get me to dance for the crowd. Now, I'm not quite the dancer like Trashman. So, I just laughed and sat back down.

Next, came out Sean Cooper. He's the comedian and impressionist. After he did an impression of James Brown, he said, "Where's my boy that was screaming 'Vegas, baby'?" Just then, a bright spot light shown right on me. "Holy.....Shit....," I muttered. My hands were in my face. This is not happening. No way in hell. "Why don't y'all give him a round of applause to get him up here!" I'm thinking at this point, "Oh shit...oh shit.....oh shit....." Well, I got on stage (thanks peer pressure.) Sean asked me, "Who is the guy known to gyrate his hips and is known as the king of rock and roll?" I answered, "Elvis Presley." Sean asked, "That was easy, huh?" I leaned in and said, "yes." Then he said I was leaning in too far and that this was not a brokeback kind of show. I decided that I really should play along. I put my arm around his shoulder and gave him a kiss of the cheek. The crowd roared. He cracked up and said, "Holy shit. This is like Rush hour 4." He fell to the ground cracking up and I almost doubled over laughing. He then told the beautiful girls to take me back stage. So, I went back. It was dark back there and one of them tied a cape around me, put a wig on me, sunglasses, and handed me a guitar. "It's okay. We're going to dress you up like Elvis. You don't have to do anything. We'll do everything for you, okay?" I answered, "Okay."

Then I hear, "Here's Elvis!" They walked me out on stage. I'm pretty sure I'm 8 shades of red now. Sean complimented me on something. So, I responded with my poor attempt at an Elvis impression, "Thank you very much." Then, the girls did a dance around me as instructed by Sean. I looked at Zelda to see her laughing her ass off.

I eventually sat down and just started laughing. I couldn't believe that had just happened. Out of the entire crowd, they picked me. For the rest of the show, you couldn't tear the smile off my face. Sean did more impressions of course. And each time he did, he ragged on me. It was great! I will never forget this moment.

At the end of the show, I got his autograph. I wish I could've gotten the girls' autographs too. That is the only regret I have of Las Vegas. We went back to the Bellagio and said that THIS TIME we would take only a 2 hour nap and wake up and walk the strip.

We woke up 10 hours later.