Friday, April 15, 2005

Learn to speak properly or else...

I used to work in an optical before I started school. One of the guys I used to work with, Chris (of the whorehouse), was a Vietnamese guy with a severe accent. I'm always trying to help him out with his pronunciations. He ended up being the main lab technician. Another guy, we'll call him Stephen, was an optician. Stephen is gay.

One day, Chris and I were sitting in the breakroom talking about different foods. Chris was talking about Vietnamese spring rolls and the peanut sauce that you're supposed to dip it in. He told me how much he loved the peanut sauce. When Chris says "peanut sauce" he drops the "t" in "peanut". Just then, Stephen walked by.

Chris: "Hey Stephen, you like peanus sauce?"

Stephen: (With a big smile on his face) "Yes, I loooove penis sauce."

Jethro: "hahahahahaha."

Chris: "Wha so funny? He likes peanus sauce."

Stephen: "That's true. I loooove penis sauce. I didn't know you like penis sauce."

Chris: "Ahhh man! I love peanus sauce."

Jethro: "hahahahaha."

Chris: "Why the hell you laughing?"

Jethro: "Chris, say peanut (with extra emphasis on the 't') sauce real slow."

Chris: "Peeeeeeeeenus sauce. Why?"

Jethro: "Alright man, I'll tell you. When you say it like that, it sounds like you're saying 'penissss sauce' "

Chris: "Pee...Peeeen....Peanus sauce. Aaaww man! You so sick man!"