Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We didn't see anything

Alright, enough depressing posts like the last one.

After dorm life, it was time for me to get my own apartment. I moved in with Benton and Mike. Benton and I shared a room while Mike had his own. One day, a big storm blew through Houston. I came home from work and Benton was on the couch watching TV. Mike was still at work. I sat down on the couch and asked Benton, "What's on?" He said, "Nothing." He was flipping channels looking for something to watch. While flipping channels, the TV makes a clicking sound. Benton then landed on a channel that was blank which was probably due to the huge storm that was over Houston.

While on this blank channel, there was no sound coming from the TV. We heard what sounded like a washing machine off in the distance. It was just barely loud enough for us to hear as long as there was no sound coming from the TV. We looked at each other strangely because we were on the third floor and a good distance from the complex's washers and dryers. We shouldn't be able to hear anything.

We got up and realized that the sound was coming from Mike's room. We knew Mike was still at work so we opened the door to his room and flipped on the lights. There was water everywhere. We saw a small crack right above the ceiling fan where water was pouring out of. The ceiling fan was on so that when the water hits the blades of the fan, it was spread everywhere in his room.

Benton and I looked at each other and said, "What do we do?"

Were we good roommates to actually stop everything and make the report to maintenance and start cleaning up? Hell no. We started to chuckle as we turned off his lights, closed his door, and walked back into the living room where we sat back onto the couch and watched TV.

When Mike came home, he opened the door and did the usual, "What's up?" Benton and I with the most blank look on our face said, "Nothing." As he walked back to his room, we turned down the volume to the TV.


Acting surprised, we ran back to his room asking him what was going on.

"Holy shit Mike. I guess you better call maintenance."