Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bo Gia (Vietnamese for "The Godfather")

One of my really good friends from Chiropractic school just had his son baptized. He and his wife had wanted to ask me to be his son's Godfather. There was just one problem. I'm not Catholic. I'm not even Christian. Zelda was asked to be Godmother and another one of my really good friends was asked to be godfather. As it turned out in the catholic rules, a couple only had to have one member that was catholic. So, I was considered the honorary Godfather since the whole thing was done with already. Zelda and I had a conversation about it last night.

Z: "You know they really wanted you to be the official godfather, right?"

J: "Oh hon, I don't care about that. I honestly think they made the right decision in not choosing me."

Z: "Why do you think that?"

J: "Because it's a religious role and I agree that both godparents should be of the same religion just in case something happens to one or the other."

Z: "It really doesn't bother you, does it?"

J: "No. It's just a title. What's important to me is that I get to be a part of his life and watch him grow up. That's the most important thing."

Zelda snuggles up to me and I put my arm around her and lightly scratch her shoulder. We're both smiling.

Z: "I do dearly love you. You're such a good person. I'd do anything for you."

I scratched her shoulder even more lightly, leaned over, kissed her and said this:

J: "Does that mean you'll swallow now?"

Z: "..... Get your hands off me."

J: "hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha."